The notion of creating handmade pieces that acquire their full meaning only when used by others is central to my explorations with clay. I truly believe that using handmade objects in our daily lives fills us with a sense of connection and an awareness of beauty. I aim to create objects that slip quietly into the dynamics of home-life.

My studio is located in a rural property in Central Ontario, Canada. I finished building my new studio and wood-kiln in 2011. This is where I can be found making soda-fired porcelain.  Open year round by chance or appointment.


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  1. Hi M
    I wish I had known earlier that you were near Markdale. I always thought you were in Eugenia for some strange reason, so I looked for you there, en route to Collingwood. I sort of broke my arm this winter, so I didn’t/couldn’t go skiing but my husband did. So I was up there almost every week, I could have come visit you. Maybe later, hopefully. I would love to see this epic kiln you have built – it looks wonderful and the results, your pots, look wonderful too.
    shirley clifford
    p.s. of course i remember you won the clifford award – sadly I lost the business card you gave me – so I lost track. sorry, but hope to connect soon.

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