The walls start to go up

We’ve started building the wall for the firebox, and lots of openings everywhere.   Traditionally bourry-box kilns have a larger opening in the front called the hearth opening. I’m planning on pre-heating with propane, and at the time was still feeling quite intimidated by the load bearing arch business. So, I went with two separate (smaller) holes instead. I’m not sure which played a greater part in my decision, pragmatism or fear.  I may live to regret this, but it sure made the next few courses a lot easier!

The supports for the throat arch and the floor for the ware chamber are now in place and we can get started on the exit flues and the throat arch…

Paul and Jess, the fantastic duo! Things are really moving along now.

About marcelina salazar

Marcelina just finished building a new studio and wood-kiln where she makes soda-fired porcelain. She makes functional work that will likely be a perfect compliment to the activities in your home. The studio is open year round by chance or appointment.

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