The arrival of the bricks

At the beginning of May 2011, I received 7 palettes of bricks, weighing over 18,000 lbs.

Since I am writing this in retrospect, I’ll just mention now that, much to my dismay, this was not enough!

So, as I was trying to finish the chimney (which had its own challenges, discussed later), I had to make another brick order. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have all the details for that. But this is what I do have:

High Duty Firebrick (3” series)       1400

IFB 2300 (3” series)                              760

High Duty Firebrick (21/2”)                 40

IFN 2300 (21/2” series)                         36

HD #1 Arch Bricks (21/2”)                  100

HD #2 Arch Bricks (21/2”)                       8

IFB #1 arch bricks (21/2”)                       72

Super Duty Tile (18”x12”x21/2”)               4

Super Kastite (55lb bags)                            4

Silica Sand (100lb bags)                             4

Fireclay (50 lb. bags)                                    8

The top-up order:

HD straights (3” series)                          100?

IFB straights (3” series)                          100?

Silica sand (100 lb bag)                                1

Fireclay (50 lb. bags)                                    2?

And then some more (for finishing the top of the chimney):

Regular fireplace firebricks                             186

Fireplace mortar (50 lb bags)                              3

The “donkey” bringing palettes down the driveway.

About marcelina salazar

Marcelina just finished building a new studio and wood-kiln where she makes soda-fired porcelain. She makes functional work that will likely be a perfect compliment to the activities in your home. The studio is open year round by chance or appointment.

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